A message from our Ag Banking team:

It’s hard to believe that 2022 is nearly over. As with most things I feel like I have spent the entire year running behind and vow to make the next year run smoother. This year is another year to remember with so many extraordinary events and challenges worldwide. Hopefully, you have managed to navigate the choppy waters and made 2022 a successful year for your operation.

After surviving Winter Storm Elliot several questions came to mind; When did we start naming winter storms? Do I ever remember it being that cold while feeding cows? How do my friends up north live with that environment year in and year out? One thing is for sure, farmers were working overtime to ensure their livestock were taken care of by any means necessary. It’s important that we share that message with those folks that are far removed from farm life.

The end of the year is a busy time at the bank, trying to wrap up loans and planning for the upcoming year. Be sure to include WMB in your plans for 2023. We have made great strides in building loans/rates/plans to help our farmers and we would like to help you too.

Andy Bishop, Loan Officer, Wilson Muir Bank
NMLS 2143920

5 reasons WMB should be your farm resource

1. Local matters. At Wilson & Muir Bank (WMB) you deal with people you know who take time to know your operation and that means a lot when you’re farming. Farming can be unpredictable, requiring flexibility and adjustments.

2. Commitment matters. For more than 155 years, WMB has been serving communities and agriculture. During those decades we have expanded our markets, but we have never left a market we chose to serve.

3. Decisions matter. When you apply for credit at WMB, your loan request is going to be treated with high priority. Compare that to institutions where decisions go up a chain of command to people you’ve never heard of or met. At WMB, you have our attention.

4. Safety matters. Financing needs for a farm can be significant and may be the largest financial obligation and risk that you ever assume. Doesn’t it make sense to have a bank that is safe, strong, and capable of weathering whatever economic storms may come?

5. Personal matters. Everyday business gets less personal and friendly. Check out your own groceries, punch numbers to get automated responses, or speak to a call center operator somewhere across the world. WMB has no call centers. Our staff answers the phone. Our ag lending officers are ready to come to your farm, or make loans happen when you are busy and can’t get to the bank. Personal, professional, and friendly. That’s who we are, and who we aim to be for the next 155 years.