Improved Online Banking from Wilson & Muir Bank is here!

Upgrades include:
- Personal Financial Management (PFM) tools to track your spending, savings and budgeting goals
- More options to customize alerts and notifications to fit your needs
- Person to Person (P2P) Payments
- Direct Connect to Quicken and QuickBooks

We have been listening to you and are thrilled to offer you a more robust Online Banking product! The new site, available February 16, 2021, will offer the same features to which you have become accustomed, and additional improvements!

For now, this is what you need to know:
- Your user name will stay the same.
- You will still have access to your transaction history.
- Your scheduled transfers will not be interrupted.
- Your current Bill Pay payments will remain the same.

Do you access WMB Online Banking through our Mobile App? If so, you will need to do the following on February 16th:

All Apple users: Update your existing WMB Mobile Banking App before accessing the new features.

Android users: Uninstall your existing app, then search the new WMB Mobile Banking App on the Google Play Store to re-install.


- At your earliest convenience, familiarize yourself with your username especially if you have saved it in your login, or if you use facial recognition with our Mobile Banking. You will need your username for conversion.
- Beginning February 10, 2021, the Bill Pay Tab will be disabled. Any bills due between February 11 and February 16, 2021 need to be scheduled PRIOR to this date. All SCHEDULED bills will be paid during this time. You will NOT be able to add, modify or stop bill payments until after February 16, 2021.
- WMB’s Online Banking Service including WMB Mobile Banking will be unavailable from February 15 until February 16, 2021.
- NEW external transfers will not be permitted between February 15 and February 16, 2021.
- If using the Transaction Categories Feature for tax or accounting purposes, download your history prior to February 15, 2021.
- New e-Bills will be disabled on February 8, 2021. New e-Bills can be set up after February 16, 2021.
- Account Alerts MUST be reset after February 16, 2021
- Quicken and QuickBooks users will be provided with detailed instructions once logged in.

On that date, you will need to complete the following quick steps to login to your Wilson & Muir Online Banking account for the first time:
- Browse WMB’s homepage at
- Click our login box in the top right corner of your screen.
- Enter your existing username and click Login.
- The system will ask for your Password. This is a temporary password that you will be prompted to reset. Enter your username followed by the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. For instance, if your username is absmith and your Social Security Number is 123-45-6789, then your temporary password will be absmith6789.
- The system will then walk you through an initial registration process. You will set up a new password, establish 3 new security questions with answers, and finish by logging in for the first time.
- If we do not currently have an email address for you on file, the system will prompt you to enter a valid email address at this time. Your email address may be used for password resets, account alerts and communication from us.

There should be very little disruption to you as we transform your experience. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing important information pertaining to our new Online Banking product. Should you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We have extended our customer service hours (4-6 p.m. EST) to better assist you during our online banking conversion. Please call 1-888-466-5996, ext. #2212 or #2215 if you need assistance. As always, thank you, for your continued confidence in us.