Wilson & Muir Bank has been a staple in communities across Kentucky since 1865. We’ve provided both our consumer and commercial customers the tools they need to succeed, helping to stimulate local economies. We’ve helped families accomplish their home dreams and delivered financial success to both our commercial and residential mortgage customers. We consider all of these major victories and according The American Banking Association (ABA) President and CEO the national economy is following suit across the country.

ABA’s President and CEO, Rob Nichols, shared in a recent interview how the banking industry has powered all aspects of economic growth in the U.S.

“There’s been about $2 trillion in capital raised [in the last 5 years], there’s been about $2 trillion of loans extended,” Nichols said. “That’s a demonstration of the health of the industry and the whole economy.” He added that bankers “have a positive message… about the role the U.S. banking sector is playing in terms of job creation, prosperity and economic growth.”

He continued by saying people are also “as happy with their banks as they ever have been” This one really hits home with us at Wilson & Muir Bank, because we like to think of ourselves as more than just a bank to all of our clients. We want to be your trusted financial partner, a partner you can depend on through the thick and thin. A partner who allows your to rest easy knowing we have nothing but your best interest at heart.

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