With National Cybersecurity Awareness Month coming to an end this week, we thought we would share our own cybersecurity story.

Teresa and Tami helped foil a scam targeting an elderly couple. The elderly couple received a phone call from someone claiming to be their daughter stating she was in jail on a DUI arrest and needed $10,000 to make her bail. Theresa and Tami asked the right questions and followed their intuition to realize this was indeed a scam. They contacted the daughter and then convinced her parents it was a ploy to get money from them. Theresa also called our Sheriff who came to the bank to visit with the couple to put their mind at ease.

The Sheriff reported the story to the local news in hopes it will serve as public service announcement. Although the article doesn't name anyone specifically it does give credit to WMB for thwarting the scam. Click here to read the story.