With summer around the corner, it is a no brainer that we’re all ready for summer break, vacations, and pool days. But all that fun in the sun costs money, causing summertime to be an expensive time in everyone’s life.

At Wilson & Muir Bank we strive to help our customers in their daily lives. Budgeting for summer vacation can be overwhelming, especially for those with children. We’re here to help you save. As you prepare for summer, what additional expenses will come up? As we look into a couple items that may be included in your summer budget, we’ll offer a few ways to help you save.

Household Energy Use
One great way to save money during anytime of the year is to plan ahead when the weather is nice to open windows and turn the air conditioning off. Energy.gov has great energy-saving tips to help reduce your energy bills.

Summer travel can add extra expenses, whether it’s higher gas prices impacting your drive to work, or even higher prices on airplane tickets to a summer vacation spot. If you are driving to a vacation destination, or just looking for the best price of gas in your area, one great app to use is ‘GasBuddy’. Using this app, you can search for the best gas prices in your area and even get directions on how to get there!

Child Care & Entertainment
There are many families that will rely on childcare this summer, but the additional hours will add cost to your bottom line. Planning ahead for childcare is important because this can be a major expense to your family. Don’t forget about pool passes, summer camps, going to the movie theater, additional meals out… it all adds up! Planning ahead can help not only save you time, but money as well. Is it going to be cheaper to invest in a seasonal pool pass or pay each time you go? Are there any discounted rates when you sign up early for summer camps? Set aside money during the winter and spring for childcare. Ask your Wilson Muir Bank representative for more details about setting up a new account to help you plan ahead for summer fun!

Organize Your Money
Tell your money where to go. Write it down. Review your budget daily. Summer is a great time to pick up this money-saving habit because before you know it summer is winding down and school shopping has begun! How great would it be to be prepared for these events beforehand? If you're already a smart budgeter, now is a good time to refine your plan to see where you can cut costs even more!

Whether it’s providing you with money-saving tips, advice on how to budget better, or exploring new account options, Wilson & Muir Bank prides itself on giving you top-notch customer service, no matter the season!