Life is Truly Precious

Recka Elder is a very familiar face to all WMB customers who regularly visit our bank location in St. Matthews. Most would know her as the Branch Operations Manager and Customer Service Representative at the Louisville branch. But, few know the story about her courageous personal battle. Back in 2013, Recka experienced a serious kidney issue for which she was hospitalized. Thankfully she fully recovered from that incident but her outlook on life would be changed forever. Recka vowed to share her personal survival story with others in order to raise awareness about preventing kidney disease.

For over 6 years she has organized and coordinated an annual bake sale in the bank lobby to benefit the National Kidney Foundation. So far, she has raised in excess of $15,000 that has all been donated to the National Kidney Foundation. Our local customers now look forward to purchasing the home baked sweet treats at this annual event.

Recka’s personal journey has carried over to her relationship with customers and employees at Wilson & Muir Bank. She continues to go above and beyond to raise awareness for a worthy cause which is near and dear to her, well aaaahhh, and her kidneys as well. Let’s hear it for Recka!