Don't be fooled!

Telephone and email scams have become a growing threat to our financial security and privacy. Unscrupulous impostors invade the lives of folks like you and me on a daily basis, trying to get us to release personal information to them... information that will allow them to assume our identities and steal our money!

Just a few words of advice:
• If someone calls or emails you claiming to be your bank, requesting personal information such as your social security number, your account number, your debit card PIN number or any other personal information……..HANG UP THE PHONE or DON’T REPLY! Your Bank will never ask for that type of information if the contact is bank initiated. We already have it! You gave it to us when you opened your account(s) with us.
• Technology exists that can make it appear as though the call or email is originating from a bank phone number or email address; this is a form of spoofing.
• If you DO receive such a call or email, and you feel uncomfortable about the originator’s identity, just tell them you will call them back at the bank’s telephone number…….a number that YOU KNOW belongs to your bank! At that point, that impostor will probably either hang up on you, or try to convince you to not call your bank! They don’t want you to talk with the real bank.
• NEVER, EVER share your personal information or your passwords with others. If you do, you are leaving yourself wide open for identity theft!
• Don’t be fooled!

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