April is Community Banking Month, a month dedicated to celebrating the longstanding tradition of local hometown community banking. Whether you are already banking with us at Wilson & Muir Bank, or considering it, we would like to share with you the top five reasons you should choose a community bank.

1. They invest in the community.
Supporting a local business means supporting our local economy. Community banks are relationship lenders that flourish when their customers and communities do the same. Small businesses, which create the majority of new jobs, depend on small local banks like WMB for financing. When you invest with big bank companies, your money could end up being invested in big businesses thousands of miles away.

2. It’s easier to get a small business loan or mortgage.
With so many layers of bureaucracy at big banks, getting a small business loan or a mortgage is often a cut-and-dried affair. They will often make a blind decision based on factors like your credit score and recent tax payments. At a community bank, the bankers get to know your personal history, and often the decision-makers are in the same building, making it easier to adjust their decision based on your individual circumstances.

3. They have all the same technology as big banks.
If you’ve been avoiding switching to a community bank because you think it won’t be able to offer you the same technological perks as a big bank, think again. Many community banks now offer tools such as online banking and automatic bill pay, people-to-people payment options, mobile banking, mobile check deposits and more, just like the big banks.

At Wilson & Muir Bank, we offer two secure ways to do all of your banking on the go. We have an All-In-One Mobile App that gives you quicker access to pay bills, transfer funds, view account history, and track account balances. We also have Text Message Banking that allows you to check balances, track account activity, transfer funds, and receive text alerts and notifications.

4. They support community organizations.
Because local banks are dedicated to supporting the community they serve, they are often passionate about donating money to local non-profits that also work to strengthen the community. From sponsoring the local little league to supporting a local food pantry, community banks help provides a strong foundation for the
local economy. Big banks rarely give money at such a grassroots level.

5. You’ll Get More Personal Service.
With so much business being conducted online these days, it’s nice to be able to come into your local community bank and actually know the person behind the counter. At Wilson & Muir Bank & Trust Co., we’re proud to know many of our customers and their families by name.